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Four Rainy Day Engagement Ideas

We live in the great pacific north west in a magnificent city called Vancouver where you can have a mix of rain, sun and snow all in one day! Here are a few tips on what to do if it’s looking a bit gloomy on your engagement day:

1.)  Run for the trees


This is my number one rule. We pretty much live in the middle of a temperate rainforest, which means there is coverage to find wherever we look. The thick canopy of the trees is usually enough to turn a downpour into a drizzle. The ground can get pretty mucky in the forest so make sure to wear some boots or shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Most of the time, we can hang out in the forest until the rain subsides, but if it doesn’t? Oh well!




2.)  Have a lifestyle shoot at home


There’s nothing like kicking back and relaxing in the comfort of your home. Brew up a pot of coffee or put the kettle on the stove. Have some fun in the kitchen and whip up your favourite dish! I’m here, but I’m *not* here so just be yourselves and let me capture your personalities. We can make it as fun and silly or as intimate and romantic as you want.




3.)  Grab an umbrella and embrace the rain


That’s it, just straight up grab an umbrella and go outside! Sometimes, you just can’t get around it. Maybe the your wedding day is creeping up on you and you just don’t have the time to reschedule or maybe you’re visiting from out of town and this is just as good as it gets. Whatever the reason, let’s make the best of the situation and have some fun. It might be cold and you will get wet, but not as wet as me! Don’t worry about me though; my camera gear can handle the punishment and I’ve put myself in much worse situations when hiking with my dog.




4.)  Go UP


If it’s raining in the middle of winter and the temps are hovering a few degrees above freezing in the city, chances are, it’s dumping snow up on the mountains. Take advantage of this weather phenomenon and come join me for a snow-filled adventure! Don’t have a vehicle that can make it up to the slopes? No problem – just hop into mine and I’ll give you a ride up. I prefer carpooling anyways, it’s better for the Earth!


So there you have it! A few things to do if it’s raining on your shoot date. It may look miserable outside, but that doesn’t mean YOU have to look miserable! If shooing in the rain is not in your forecast, no problem! We can just reschedule!

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