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Bishop, California Climbing Road Trip!

I’ve been going on road trips since I was a little kid. My family didn’t get off the continent together very often, so we did the next best thing – shoved everyone into the Van and drove across the country (or south of the border). 20 something years later, I’m doing the same thing, but with my friends instead! In 2013, I made my second trip to Bishop, California. I had been there a year earlier for my first bouldering road trip and there was so much unfinished business, I just had to come back.




We drove down near the end of October after a very busy wedding season for me so I didn’t have a lot of time to train for the trip before hand. Therefore, coming back to Bishop this year was more about enjoying the company of my friends rather than sending some sick projects.


On our first day, we decided to go and climb in an area called “The Happy Boulders”. Access to these boulders requires a short hike up some sandy switchbacks and into a rift in the volcanic table lands. The first day of climbing is usually a write off because 1, we’re all exhausted from the drive and 2, we’re reminded that elevation sucks the energy out of you.




One of the things I love most about these road trips is just being outside for 24 hours of the day. After a long day of climbing, the sun always tips its hat to you as it sets over the mountains to the west.



As sunny and hot as it is most days, the clouds can quickly roll in and dump a bunch of snow on you the next day. These are the joys of climbing in the mountains… and why you should always pack a puffy jacket with you.


And just like that, it’s sunny and we’re lounging around resting our fingers and goofing around on a slack line.



I mentioned earlier that we went on this trip at the end of October, which means… Halloween. We didn’t bring any costumes with us so we decided to dress up as women in the boulders. We bought these dresses for 99 cents each and altered them to suit our “personalities”. There are tons of funnier and more revealing photos, but I wont share them here. Ask me about them in person and I’ll show you 😉



On one of our rest days, we decided it would be a good idea to drive up to 10,000ft elevation to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest.




This national park is home to some of the oldest specimens on the planet. The oldest living tree is found up here and dates back over 4800 years… pretty amazing stuff.




I started my photographic career after my first visit to Bishop so it’s a place that I hold very near and dear to my heart. It’s a place full of beautiful climbs and beautiful scenery – I can’t wait to come back again and again throughout the years.




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