Sophia and Alan

| Okanagan Pre-Wedding Portraits

This is the beginning of my relationship and journey with Sophia and Alan. The two of them stumbled upon some work I did for their friends and were drawn to my “artistic style”. Sophia and Alan wanted to do their wedding portraits somewhere that had a lot of meaning to the both of them. They both share a similar passion in wine and met at a wine course. We’re blessed to have our very own wine country just a few hours drive away and the fine folks at The Laughingstock Vineyards were nice enough to have us on their beautiful vineyard for our photo session.

This was a late September shoot so I knew we would be getting some beautiful early autumn sunlight in the evening. We all agreed to push the shoot back to the late evening to take advantage of this golden opportunity (no pun intended). We started off with the sun still relatively high at the vineyard to get that beautiful backlit glow on the hills. After the sun had made it’s way behind the hill, we headed down the road and up to Munson Mountain to get that last bit of golden hour as the sun set behind the lake.

After a few celebratory shots at the bar, we were on our separate ways until our next Engagement Session at The Vancouver Club