Kate and Ryan |

Squamish Engagement Photography

Squamish is an very special place to me as it’s where I spend most of my free time away from the city.  If I’m not working on photos or training at the climbing gym, I’m in Squamish climbing in the forest.  Naturally, when a friend of mine told me her friends Kate and Ryan were looking for someone to shoot their engagement, I was on it like Yogi Bear on an unattended picnic basket!

I’d be discussing shoot locations with Kate and suggested that we start off in Paradise Valley.  It’s a place I know very well and kind of a hidden gem for bouldering.  I often escape the hot summer days by going to this special spot as it’s much cooler than the rest of Squamish and as the name suggests, it’s like a little bit of paradise.  In the Fall, you’re surrounded by beautiful maple trees and the ground is just littered with red, orange and yellow leaves – it truly is amazing.  After a short drive with Kate and Ryan, I’d learned so much about the two of them and how perfect they are for each other.  I also learned that Paradise Valley was where Ryan proposed to Kate!  How perfect is that?

So there’s that.  The perfect location for all three of us!  Enjoy the photos!