Hasselblad Film Project | My first Roll of Film

Milly Chan

I’ve been wanting to get into film photography for a long time, but have always been too afraid of the challenge. A few months ago, however, I was cleaning out my attic and stumbled upon an old box of my dad’s old medium format negatives and a few of his prints. I saw the detail and character in these photographs and I was truly amazed at how much these photographs spoke to me. I was instantly inspired and knew that I had to get myself a film camera.

I searched around on craigslist for a while and ended up purchasing myself a Hasselblad 500cm with a 80mm f2.8 Zeiss Planar CF T* – a pretty standard kit. I went online to B&H and immediately ordered myself some film. When I received it in the mail, Milly and I went up to Cleveland Dam in North Vancouver for a photo walk. It was a SUPER cold day and we were determined to use up this roll of film, but our fingers just couldn’t take it anymore. After braving the the near sub-zero temperatures for over an hour, we headed back down the mountain to warm ourselves up with some hot coffee and pie. We finished the roll of film off on the streets of Kitsilano.

Thanks so much for coming out with me, Milly! I had SO much fun shooting with you!

Film Used: Kodak 400tmax