January 2015

Vancouver Family Portrait Photographer

I get a request to photograph family portraits from time to time, but I don’t really put them up into my portfolio because it’s not really an area of photography that I focus on. I’m primarily a wedding photographer, but in all honesty, all I really do is just take photos of people! My approach may be different that a traditional family photographer, but I guess this is what makes my style unique.

My brother and his family live in Toronto and unless I go out to visit him, the only time I get to see him is during the holidays. He and his wife Grace just recently had their first baby boy and this Christmas was the first time I ever saw him in person! This little guy is SUCH a ball of happiness! He’s the perfect union of Sam and Grace and his name is Oliver!

I had so much fun photographing these guys. My sister’s kids, Nova and Maddox, joined in for a few frames as well which was super fun.


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2014 Wedding Highlights

2014 was a monumental year for me. It was a year of growth and challenges. And it was a year of meeting some amazing and inspiring people and building strong relationships lasting longer than just a few days. It took some time, but I’ve compiled a few of my favourite images from this past season. I couldn’t go through every single wedding because it would just be an overwhelming post, but these are a few of the weddings that just made an impact in my life. Thank you to all the beautiful couples I’ve met along the way for allowing me to continue doing what I love to do!

Amy and Adam
Rainbow Mountain via Sky Helicopters
Matdivad_vancouver_wedding_photographer_squamish_Vancouver_wedding_photographer_nature_outdoor_wedding_Best Wedding Photos__0001

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